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When visiting the website of Attorneys-at-Law “Dzanuškāns & Partners”, the user is shown a window with a message that cookies are used on the website. If you accept the use of cookies, the legal basis for the use of cookies shall be the user’s consent and you confirm that you have read information about cookies and the purposes of their use.

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Cookie information.

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We use Google Analytics.

The website of Dzanuškāns & Partners uses cookies of software Google Analytics created by Google Inc. The purpose of using Google Analytics cookies is to improve the quality of the content of our website and to tailor the content to the needs of the users. You can read more about the Google Analytics Terms of Service on the website.

If you do not want Dzanuškāns & Partners to receive information about your activities on our website, you need to activate the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This add-on communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that data about a particular website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics.

How can you manage your cookie settings?

You can manage cookies through your browser settings by choosing which cookies you want to accept and which you delete. You can opt out of cookies at any time by deleting them from your browser in which they are implemented. The location of cookie management tool depends on the browser you use. To learn more about how to organize or delete the cookies you have set in your browser, visit the website of the browser you are using.

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