About us

The work of an excellent lawyer is invisible. Such a lawyer performs tasks professionally, achieving goals inconspicuously and effectively.

The team of Attorneys-at-Law “Dzanuškāns & Partners” is a group of like-minded people with extensive professional experience and competence in various fields. The clients’ inquiries often cover different industries, so the office always ensures involvement of several colleagues, giving the clients confidence that the issue will be resolved comprehensively.

All those working in the office are united by the principle of high professional standards, achieving the best possible result for the client and at the same time benefiting the general public.

Confidentiality, legal protection and results are the main tasks of our office.

Law group in Latvia

History of the establishment of the Attorneys-at-Law

Attorneys-at-Law “Dzanuškāns & Partners” was founded in 2009 by sworn advocate Jānis Dzanuškāns. When establishing the law office, the founder had a clear vision of what kind of specialists should be in the team. That is why the long-cherished idea of uniting a professional team was fruitful. The first years of operation proved that there is a sufficient demand for competent advice in Latvia in both civil and criminal cases, as well as in administrative cases.

The specific knowledge, experience and ability of lawyers to undertake and perform the task given by the client perfectly are the most important indicators of the quality of a lawyer’s work. The office has shown great results and success because the specialists of the office have extensive knowledge and experience, they have a creative approach to work and possess ability to work independently in intensive working conditions. Mutual trust, a high sense of responsibility, respect for colleagues and clients, as well as responsibility for the chosen profession are essential values for excellent work.

Knowledge, experience, compromise, cooperation, confidentiality, creative approach, purposefulness and a clear way to achieve goals – these are the core values of the professional activity of the law office and our lawyers.

The fact that clients have chosen our office shows that they are clearly aware that the transactional security and confidence guaranteed by our work, as well as the advice of our specialists based on the assessment of risks and nuances of life, are much more valuable than money paid for our services; as a matter of fact, our collaboration experience stretching across many years clearly shows that this pays off.

The legal assistance we provide involves serious research and often lengthy preparatory work, often involving a number of lawyers specializing in the sector. It is this approach that guarantees the highest quality and care in the provision of the service, and the client can be sure that the issue will be resolved comprehensively and the best possible result will be achieved in the process.


The clientele of the office is extensive and diverse. Given the excellent reputation and high qualifications of the firm’s lawyers, our specialists are trusted for their knowledge and experience. Our clients include individuals and legal entities, state and municipal institutions, their capital companies, as well as foreign companies. Our team is always looking for an individual approach to each client in order to be able to successfully complete the assigned task.

Our clients are demanding, with a clear vision of what they want to achieve by seeking legal advice. Our lawyers constantly focus on choosing the best and most effective way to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our clients are curious, they want not only to receive as much information as possible about the progress of their case, but also to learn about current issues in resolving similar legal issues.

The best recommendation for our office – an excellent performance and a satisfied customer, who, if necessary, returns to us and recommends our help to others.